São Paulo (Brazil)

And so the last few days in Brazil have arrived. Have enjoyed hot showers and amazing food in Campinas and São Paulo. Had the famous Bacalao (salted cod dish) at City Bar Campinas on Friday, followed by an amazing apple pie that I made for everyone that night!

Also checked out the Mercadão markets, which sell a big range of fresh fruit, seafood, meat and other products in addition to a range of restaurants. We joined the one hour queue to tackle the Mortadella, which is this giant deli meat sandwich the likes of which you would normally see on the TV show ‘Man vs. Food’. Almost finished half. Pretty happy with that!

Myself, Carol and Giovanni said goodbye to Tiago and spent the night at the airport, waiting for our flight the next morning. Despite the fact that the airport is terribly designed (all the seats have dividers so that you can’t lay down on them!), we managed to pull together some plastic sheeting and other materials to sleep on, so ended up getting a few hours sleep in the end.

Flew into Campo Grandhe this morning and bussed it to the city of Corumba, which is close to the Brazil/Bolivia border. We arrived at night and got a taxi to the border and just walked across into Bolivia. The immigration office was closed and apparently you can go into the country and come back the next morning to be processed. So essentially we are illegal immigrants at the moment sitting in our hotel in Bolivia!!








2 thoughts on “São Paulo (Brazil)

  1. Alicia
    Ha Ha sleeping on plastic in the airport!!

    When you go to the witches market in La Paz can you ask the witches to cast a spell on someone for me 🙂 🙂

  2. Alicia

    Ahh Bolivia…………..

    Hey convince your Brazilian amigo(a)s to go to Salar de Uyuni (those amazing salt flats in southern Bolivia)

    You can book a tour from La Paz as its a long drive along winding tortuous mountain roads 🙂

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